When will users be able to force include transactions on Polygon zkEVM in the event of a sequencer failure, and what upgrades are needed for this functionality?

Created by Sourajyoti Gupta, Modified on Wed, 22 Nov, 2023 at 5:47 PM by Sourajyoti Gupta

Forced Batches: Designed to bypass sequencers and act as a backup system, forced batches ensure that transactions go through even if the main sequencer misses or ignores them.

Current Status: While this functionality is not immediately available on the Ethereum L1, it is on our roadmap for activation within a month post-launch, initially on the testnet and then on the mainnet.

Timeline: We have plans in place for the Polygon zkEVM roadmap and L2Beat risk circle, but we cannot provide specific dates. Our focus is on ensuring a seamless user experience.

Future Upgrades: Upgrades are planned to allow users to push their transactions, especially in the event of a system failure. More details will be available after governance decisions are made. Stay tuned for updates.

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