What is a CDK Validium chain?

Created by Mayank Singhal, Modified on Tue, 23 Apr 2024 at 06:03 PM by Parvez Shaikh

Polygon CDK validium uses validity proofs to enforce the integrity of state transitions, but it does not store transaction data on the Ethereum network.

The Polygon CDK validium is in fact a zero-knowledge validium (zkValidium) because it utilizes the Polygon zkEVM’s off-chain prover to produce zero-knowledge proofs, which are published as validity proofs.

The use of the above-mentioned prover, to a certain extent, adds trustlessness to the Polygon CDK validium.

The validium mode inherits, not just the prover, but all the Polygon zkEVM’s components and their functionalities, except that it does not publish transaction data on L1.

The validium configuration has one major advantage over the zkEVM rollup option: And that is, reduced gas fees due to the off-chain storage of transaction data, where only a hash of the transaction data gets stored on the Ethereum network.

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