Polygon ID following features make it unique:

  • Private by default solution, as a result of the ZK native protocol used.

  • Offering a scalable and self-sovereign digital identity solution.

  • Allows on-chain and off-chain verification, facilitating the deployment of both web2 and web3 use cases.

  • Supports bulk issuance of claims with a highly efficient on-chain storage at a minimum transactional cost.

  • It enables a wide range of use cases to settle the foundation for a transformative impact with:

  • protection against Sybil attacks while preserving privacy. This is achieved using nullifier techniques that assure that an identity (human being) can undertake an action only once. This becomes a key feature for specific use cases such as voting processes.

  • non-reusable proofs: guaranteeing the verifier that the proof presented by the user was not a copy of a proof generated by another identity, and allowing the verifier to check its validity.

  • Protection against digital footprint tracking (in the roadmap, to be implemented)