I am going to execute millions of transactions in zkEVM. Is there any way to optimize the gas cost?

Created by Sourajyoti Gupta, Modified on Fri, 28 Jul 2023 at 07:21 PM by Sourajyoti Gupta

Absolutely! Optimizing gas costs is crucial when dealing with a large number of transactions. Here are some strategies to help you achieve gas efficiency:

  • Batch Transactions: Combine multiple transactions into a single batch transaction. This can be done using Ethereum's "contract calls in a single transaction" or EIP-2711 (multiple transactions in a single call). By bundling multiple operations together, you can eliminate redundant gas costs and reduce the overall gas consumption.

  • Gas-Efficient Contracts: Design your smart contracts with gas efficiency in mind. Minimize unnecessary storage operations, utilize events for off-chain data access, and implement gas-saving techniques like state channels or rollups if they are applicable to your use case.

Gas Estimation: Accurately estimate the gas limits for each transaction to avoid overestimating and consuming unnecessary gas. Use gas estimation libraries or simulators to determine the optimal gas limits for your specific transactions.

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