Error Observed: Retrying again in 5 seconds to fetch data from Heimdall path=bor/span/1

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These logs in Bor mean that it cannot connect to Heimdall.

The Heimdall doesn’t look in sync and hence it won’t have data on all the things that Bor would require.

So the recommended procedure would be to clear the historical data of both Heimdall and Bor and resync from the snapshot.

Ensure the following is fine:

  1. Heimdall logs are normal or is it throwing up any errors?

  2. Ensure Heimdall is fully synced by running: curl localhost:26657/status

  3. Also ensure whether Heimdall is connected with the other peers.

curl localhost:26657/net_info? | jq .result.n_peers

If there aren’t any peers, check whether the seeds or persistent peers are rightly set on Heimdall and ensure Port 26656 is all open.

Reset Heimdall

sudo service heimdalld stop
heimdalld unsafe-reset-all

Sync Heimdall from Snapshot

wget -c <Snapshot URL>
tar -xzvf <snapshot file> -C <HEIMDALL_DATA_DIRECTORY>

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