Can Issuers issue the credentials directly to the user wallet without the user having to scan the QR code?(If not, can Issuer notify the user that credential has been issued through a deep link and it's issued via clicking the link)

Created by Charanraj Shetty, Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 01:05 PM by Charanraj Shetty

On the one hand, the generic response for getting a credential inside the wallet always requires an active action from the user. The point is how to deliver this communication/request, and the answer is yes, it is not only necessary to be done through a QR code, it can also be used hyperlink on Whatsapp or email, etc... When the user receives the link, and access to the link the user can accept the credential. Always required to be acceptable for the user to store the credential in the user’s wallet.  

On the other hand, on the Issuer side, there will be a connection that will be one of the IU elements in the future release. Issuer and User need to have a synchronized interaction for the issuance and especially for the first time, the issuer needs to know information like identifiers, DID, and public signature and all the information is sent by the user to the issuer. Then the issuer can issue a credential that after issuing by the issuer it needs to be accepted by the user to be stored in the user’s wallet. When the issuer will issue a second credential to the same user, the issuer is keeping the connection which means that the information like the identifier, DID and public signature is saved on the issuer side. In this case, the issuer can issue a credential without interaction with the user but the credentials will be only stored on the issuer and if anyone asks if the issuer has issued a credential, the issuer can guarantee that the issuer issue a credential but to be store on the user’s wallet it needs to be acceptable by the user. 

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