Batch Mint with ERC721A and ERC721Psi

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Using the normal ERC721 standard contract and trying to batch mint NFTs will have to be in more than 10 different transactions. That's because batch minting on ERC721 is at a maximum of 789 NFTs per batch and the process takes more than 20 Hours with a high chance of the transaction failing, so the number of NFTs per batch would practically be less than 789 per batch. 

Using new standards specifically made for batch minting and transferring NFTs such as Azuki's ERC721A and ERC721Psi saves time and resources. ERC721A allows for minting approximately 10k NFTs per transaction and takes 4-5 hours for the transaction to finish. However, this standard doesn't get detected by openSea as ERC721 contracts because of the big number of the batch and we're still looking into that matter.

  • If you are trying to mint more than 10K tokens that would not be possible because it would exceed the block gas limit. so what you can do it mint smaller batches.

  • Concerning gas fees, you can calculate gas cost by making the tx on Mumbai, getting the gas limit for that tx, and using the website below to see how much it would cost:

  • For example, the tx for minting 9100 tokens has a gas limit of 19300030 and it costs around 1.8038$ on Polygon mainnet.

For more info about ERC721Psi, you can check out this link:

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