What to do if face "error: typed transaction too short"?

Created by Sourajyoti Gupta, Modified on Fri, 28 Jul 2023 at 07:37 PM by Sourajyoti Gupta

It sounds like you are trying to send a signed Polygon transaction, but you are encountering an error saying that the typed transaction is too short. This error can occur if the signed transaction that you are trying to send is not formatted correctly, or if it is missing some required data.

There could be a few different reasons why your signed transaction is not being accepted by the Polygon network. Here are a few things that you could try to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Double-check the format of your signed transaction to make sure that it is correct. The go-Polygon library provides examples of properly formatted signed transactions that you can use as a reference.

  • Make sure that you are using the correct RPC endpoint to send your transaction. Depending on the Polygon client that you are using, the RPC endpoint might be different.

  • Make sure that you are sending the correct signed transaction data to the RPC endpoint. You might want to print out the signed transaction data and compare it to the examples provided by the go-Polygon library to see if you can spot any differences.

  • If you are still having trouble, you might want to try using a different Polygon client or library to send your signed transaction. This can help you determine if the problem is with your code or with the Polygon client that you are using.

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